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Betsy Greene, Campaign Chair

Beth Hamlin, Treasurer

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Betsy Greene, Campaign Chair
Beth Hamlin, Treasurer

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Letter from Betsy Greene
Chair, Chris Gaal for Judge Committee

Gaal has over twenty years of diverse legal experience in this community - approximately half of that time spent as a prosecutor, and half in private practice in a local law firm. In private practice Gaal represented clients in criminal defense cases, including court-appointed public defender cases. Gaal also handled civil cases including family law (divorce, custody, visitation), personal injury, contracts, and immigration law. Gaal understands the challenge of representing clients, defending their constitutional rights, as well as the importance of representing the public interest as an elected official and community leader.

Chris Gaal has seen our justice system from many different perspectives, and that balance and broad diversity of experience is important in order to effectively serve our community as a judge.

As prosecutor, Gaal worked hard to develop a progressive approach to public safety that reflected the values of this community. He focused on prevention, building valuable community partnerships, and creating new resources to improve public safety. Gaal's accomplishments have made significant contributions to quality of justice, and have been recognized with several awards.

As a member of the Board of Judges, Gaal will draw on both his experience as a legal professional and his background as a community leader to creatively promote evidence-based problem-solving approaches to important issues facing our community - such as the need to collaborate with local partners to better address drug and alcohol addictions, and mental health treatment.

Gaal takes issues of fairness and justice seriously. As a judge, Gaal pledges that he will listen, treat people with respect, make impartial decisions based on the evidence presented and the rule of law, and do his best to ensure the fair and equal administration of justice in our community.

Thank you,
Betsy Greene, Chair
Chris Gaal for Judge Committee

Press Release

MEDIA RELEASE- Chris Gaal Files for Judge in 2018

Bloomington, Monroe County - MEDIA RELEASE- Chris Gaal Files for Monroe Circuit Court Judge Seat II Division II. The position is currently held by Judge Marc Kellams who will retire at the end of the year. Gaal has dedicated his career to public service as a Democratic local elected official - first on the Bloomington City Council and then for three terms as Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney. He is running for Judge to continue his progressive commitment to community-based justice. Read the full Press Release January 10, 2018 Press release opens in a new tab.

"The Art of Justice"

Join local artists to support Chris Gaal for Judge SEE local art and bid on fascinating items of interest in silent and live auctions

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Thursday, February 22 at 5:30 PM - 7 PM

The "I Fell Building" at 415 W. 4th St

(Corner of 4th and Rogers next to Rainbow Bakery)

Stop in after work and join us for this unique event!

Hosted by:

  • Jon Barnitt
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  • Angela Caldwell
  • Patricia Coleman
  • Gabe Colman
  • Dale Enochs
  • Lorraine Merriman Farrell
  • Karen Greene Stone & Dr. Rob Stone
  • Joe & Merridee LaMantia
  • Veda Stanfield
  • Jaime Sweany, Sweany Artworks
  • Lara Weaver & Kevin "Kid Kazooey" MacDowell
  • Daniel Urschell
  • Paid for by: Chris Gaal for Judge Committee
    Beth Hamlin, Treasurer
    Betsy Greene, Chair

Primary Election: Tuesday, May 8, 2018    -     General Election: Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Chris Gaal for Judge

Paid for by the Chris Gaal for Judge Committee
P.O. Box 1355
Bloomington, IN 47402
Beth Hamlin, Treasurer
Betsy Greene, Campaign Chair
(812) 606-8600